Hospital Patient Portal

During your recent visit at the hospital a PIN number was generated for you. This will give you access to the new Patient Portal we now have that will allow you access to your medical records. To get started, simply register your account by going to the link below:

When prompted to enter your PIN Number, please enter the number that we have already created for you, then answer the questions that follow. After you have completed these steps you will receive an email with the subject of "Welcome to your Patient Portal - Final Registration Step". In this email you will be asked to click a link to confirm your email address. After you have clicked on that link; you will be prompted to login to your account.

We hope you enjoy using the Patient Portal and appreciate your participation; as some of our funding is linked to your participation in the Patient Portal.

Hamlin Medical Clinic

Please click on your physician listed below to access the Patient Portal for Hamlin Medical Clinic.

Dr. Sunkavalli Patient Portal

Dr. White